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Recess Rules

Recess Guidelines
Stay on the playground. You must use the bathroom and get drinks during your class bathroom time or before recess.

Do not walk through a game in progress such as 4 square.

The slides are one way, DOWN!

Stay in sight of the duty teachers. If you can't see a teacher they can't see you, either. (That means no going behind the trees, into the tall grass, or beside the school.)

Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Respect the rights of others and treat them as you want to be treated. No fighting or rough play.

Tackling or grabbing is not allowed at any time.

Be respectful for the playground equipment you use. If you take without, you put it back.

Dress appropriately for recess. Wear safe shoes for the games you play.

Students need to wear any jackets or coats or sweatshirt that they come to school in when they go out to recess. They may then use their own judgment about taking them off, unless the duty teachers say otherwise. Freezing temperatures mean cloths stay on!

Students should stay active and have fun!

Structural and Equipment Guidelines


Swings should be used for swinging by sitting on the swing and swinging back and forth. No twisting or stomach swinging. Jumping from the swings is not allowed.

Do not push another student on the swings.
Shade Structure:

The bench inside the shade structure is for sitting, not for standing.

Do not climb over the walls.


Keep the sand in the sandbox.

Do not swing from the roof of the sand box.

Do not go into the sand box when it is wet, or snow covered.

Witch's Hat:

The witches hat is off limits if it is wet, that includes when there is snow on the ground.

The Field:

With teacher approval and supervision students may play organized team sports in the field. Examples include soccer and kickball.